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Next Generation Technology Alternatives to Face Masks for Airborne Particulates

High Filtering Efficiency, Ease of Fit and Comfort

ASTM F3502-21 Certified for Public Use

Our Technology

Next Generation Technology Alternatives to Face Masks for Airborne Contaminants

Highest Filtering Efficiency, Ease of Fit and Comfort

ASTM 3502 Certified for Public Use

Our Technology

Learn About Our Innovative Patent-Pending Designs

  • ION Gaiter
    Greater than 95% filtration efficiency. Alternative to surgical face masks using 3 layers of easily breathable ionic fabrics. Comfortable, re...
  • ION Wrap
    Performs identical to ION Gaiter. Rather than pulling over head, wrap around the neck and close loose ends with VELCRO®. Avoids hair, jewelry...
  • ION Scarf
    Fashionable scarf design with a more casual fit giving a typical filtration efficiency of 70 to 90% through 3 layers of sheer light-weight io...

See How Ion Capture Works

Breathable, reusable, easy fit face coverings. USA owned, developed & quality controlled.

  • Reusable

    Washable products = lower cost than disposable masks

  • Ion Capture Filtration

    Breathable fabrics provide comfort and superior filtration

  • Independently Tested

    Passes ASTM F3502-21 for particle filtration, breathability and skin sensitivity

  • USA Owned and Operated

    Sewing - Made in China

    Final manufacturing, QC and packaging in USA

Common Myths About Face Filtering Devices

When to Wear to Best Protect Yourself and Others!

It is a good idea to wear a face covering when in congested indoor areas like public transportation, when you are ill or when the outside air quality is poor due to dust, smoke, pollen, etc.

While we cannot wear even more comfortable face covering designs all the time, anything we can do to reduce the time of exposure and resultant dosage of the airborne agent can reduce the likelihood of getting disease and its severity. This logic applies not only to airborne infectious disease, but to environmental and industrial hazards.

Find out more by reading our FAQ on when and where to wear face coverings.

Learn how our next generation technology evolved

Our Story
  • Quality Controlled following cGMP and ISO Guidelines

  • Sterility maintained at Final
    Manufacturing and Packaging in USA