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Our data has consistently shown filtration of microbes and harmful environmental and industrial particles superior to certified N95 respirators and surgical masks while providing greater ease of fit and comfort. Testing by an independent lab has certified our products for use by the general public as endorsed by the FDA and described in ASTM F3502-21 standard test methods. Our products exceeded the highest level (level #2) of performance standards published in ASTM F3502-21. Our devices are not certified by the FDA for medical use or by NIOSH for industrial settings where approved face filtering devices are required. Until FDA and NIOSH certifications are obtained we cannot recommend replacement of existing approved devices in those settings. Workers in other less regulated settings wishing to take advantage of better filtration, ease of fit and comfort should consult with their superiors to obtain authorization.

No face filtering device can block inhalation of all harmful particles. Wearers should follow other precautions to minimize exposure.