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ION Wrap
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ION Wrap

Performs identical to ION Gaiter. Rather than pulling over head, wrap around the neck and close loose ends with VELCRO®. Avoids hair, jewelry & make-up problems. Adjustable VELCRO® like "hook & loop" closure for a snug and comfortable fit. Casually wear around the neck when not in use and simply pull up over the nose for a secure fit when needed.

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Constructed of Multiple Layers of Breathable Positive & Negative Charged Fabrics

  • Reusable

    Washable products = lower cost than disposable masks

  • Ion Capture Filtration

    Breathable fabrics provide comfort, ease-of-fit, and superior filtration

  • Independently Tested

    Passes ASTM F3502-21 for particle filtration, breathability and skin sensitivity

  • USA Owned and Operated

    Sewing - Made in China

    Final manufacturing, QC and packaging in USA

Comfortable & Easy to Fit

Very high filtration efficiency, similar to the ION Gaiter. VELCRO® like "hook & loop" closure avoids problems with hair, make-up, and jewelry while providing adjustment for a snug fit .

Patented foam insert over nose and face periphery provides a comfortable, easy, reproducible fit so air goes through rather than around the fabrics. The 360 degree fit circumference gives greater filtration surface area and highest filtration efficiency.

Soft And Non-Irritating

Soft fabric-backed neck elastic band and "hook & loop" closure gives a snug, comfortable fit around the neck area, eliminating unsightly marks, and compression headaches reported for tight-fitting conventional face masks. Our fabrics have been independently tested by ASTM methods following FDA guidelines and showed no skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Available When Needed

Wear casually and unobtrusively around the neck and simply pull up when needed. No special fit adjustment required. Alternative to UV Gaiter and Balaclava, but with benefit of highest airborne particle filtration.